Swift- Create a Custom Tableview in iOS

UITableViewis one of the most important UserInterface in iOS. It's not difficult to implement UITableView, almost every app uses its functionality. If one wants to customize and add additional features to tableview cell, one might need to create Custom TableViewCell Class. Here is the end result what we are going to build.

Creating an UITableViewThere are two ways of creating UITableView, either you can use it programmatically or it can be done using interface builder. The second approach is the most common one, so will do in this way.
Step 1 - Create XCode Project        Open Xcode and create a new project by selecting Single View App from XCode IDE, and name the project as customTableView

Step 2 - Create a Model Click File from Menu, and select Swift file i.e., File -> New -> File -> Swift File and name the file as CustomTableData.

          We create this model to fetch the data into your tableview. Model consisting of properties which are going to be used in our custom-…

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